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London: printed for the author. Philadelphia: Isaac Edrehi, Foxed frontispiece portrait of author, protected with original tissue paper. Moses Edrehi was an itinerant Rabbi originating in Morocco, who spent some time in Europe, especially England, and finally settled in Israel, where he took the title of British Consul at Jerusalem. This edition was set up by his son, Isaac Edrehi.

Information about Jews in unusal places detailed. Eiran Ehud. Elazar Daniel editor. American Jewish Committee Israel, Sping Rare Judaica, Hill, B.

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Jacob M. Lowy, , no. The commentaries Gevurot H.

Ewald Geo signed by A Geiger. Leipzig : Hahn, Geiger on paste down of volume one with his handwriting in Hebrew above in small script and small library stamps of Bibl. Lehrer Frankfurt am Main, volume two is also ex library from a different library. Geiger was considered the founding father of Reform Judaism.

VERHÄNGNIS - Definition and synonyms of Verhängnis in the German dictionary

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The Egede-Nissen Sisters

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Az oldal nem található

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Dämonen der Dämmerung: Ein Dämonenjäger Murphy Roman

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Jabotinsky Fdn, Kahn Susan. Are Genes Jewish? Conceptual Ambiguities in the New Genetic Age. Frankel center Univ of Michigan, Belin lecture No 12 Very Good.

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