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The third is to delete the whole of paragraph I would like to propose an oral amendment, paragraph 86 a new. Non si alza nessuno, allora mettiamola in votazione. Nuno Melo PPE. Tutte le restanti dichiarazioni di voto che non potranno essere accolte saranno esaminate domani dopo le votazioni. Altre eventuali dichiarazioni di voto potranno essere presentate per iscritto. Sin embargo, para la comisaria de Comercio no hay mal que por bien no venga.

Y sin ninguna transparencia. In questi continui scambi le organizzazioni di produttori svolgono un ruolo essenziale attraverso i loro piani di produzione e commercializzazione. Prendiamo un esempio: l'Italia. Bisogna stabilire requisiti uniformi per i prodotti della pesca venduti nell'Unione europea, e il lavoro dell'on.

Ravno mali kmetje so tisti, ki dajo dodano vrednost, ki skrbijo, da seveda lokalna hrana najde svoje pravo mesto.

L'homme de verre

Stefano Maullu PPE. Sono una delusione rispetto agli obiettivi che l'Unione europea deve avere, ovvero un'agricoltura forte e coesa che possa tutelare la filiera agroalimentare, che ha un valore aggiunto assolutamente straordinario, in particolare nel nostro paese, in Italia. I quote figures from Irish agriculture from last year, where cattle and sheep farmers were entirely reliant on the payment for their income. Added to that, we want to support young farmers. One of my concerns is that the young farmer payment goes to the landowner from whom the land is rented and not directly to the young farmer.

Discussion Projet:Québec/Archive 15

That is something we will have to address. On the issue of moving away from historic payments, which started in , I expect the proposals due on Friday to continue that process and I look forward to the details. When I say this I do not only mean further integration and harmonisation of the rules, but also that the European Commission should overcome the silo approach. Agriculture is also part of our development and cohesion, commerce and international trade. This is why I am very glad the report includes the opinions of numerous parliamentary committees.

I wish the European Commission had a similar holistic approach to the goal of achieving the revitalisation of our farms. We must make farming attractive to young people. In recent years there has been an extreme decrease in the share of young people in rural areas. Personally, I am particularly worried about this negative trend in Latvia. The poor quality of professional education is a big obstacle. In addition, agriculture is considered to be low prestige and inferior to other sectors, and our young farmers do not feel that they have priority in public support programmes.

That is why I voted in favour.

Sin a bhfuil. Adam Szejnfeld PPE. This is one of the things our international partners notice with regret.

Dé(s)cor(p)s plastiques

At the same time, our legislation is the most inclusive and most respectful of the will of our citizens, and we need our people to know that their voices have been heard. For this reason, I welcome the call for a dedicated joint database on the state of play on legislative files. Transparency must be our key word and efficiency must be our testing criteria. We need a politically intelligent approach to gain the support of our people for the laws we do.

If we want to have well-informed and supportive EU voters tomorrow, we need to share more information with them and get more feedback from them. Today, in the light of Brexit, we come back to the same discussions. Therefore, I strongly support that we follow one single, simple and transparent principle: that EU resources flowing from EU policies should flow to the EU budget.

Les éditos du Réseau | Editorials of the Network (Archive)

It will ease the burden borne by the Member States through their national contributions and ensure the proper financing of EU policies with clear European added value. The proposal well reflects the key European Union priorities and goals in the context of increased external challenges and the budget hole which will be left by Brexit. I support the increases foreseen for the security, defence and such flagship programmes as, for example, Erasmus.

However, I strongly believe that we should continue the current support level for such traditional policies as the common agricultural policy and the cohesion policy.

We all benefit from these policy areas, and any decrease can only be gradual and with compensation mechanisms in place. Thus I hope during the negotiation process we can ensure adequate financing, quality and effectiveness of these policies. Jan Zahradil ECR. Marek Jurek ECR. Na jakiej podstawie? The future of Europe is set out in how we spend the budget up until The priorities are clear: fighting before feeding.

What is proposed is a larger budget than we currently have — this in spite of the UK leaving. So the cake is bigger, but still we have less for the two most important areas.

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So why? Well, the answer is that priorities are changing. What used to be core common policy — feeding the population — has been replaced with a common policy on defence. The budget Commissioner, Gunter Oettinger, was at least open as to why agriculture was to be cut when he said that there are more important areas. I voted against this rubbish. However, only aspects relating to own resources. First of all, the United Kingdom has a derogation from changes to these systems between now and the end of the MFF and, of course, the UK intends to leave before this new MFF, so it would be inappropriate to express a view on those points.

Monica Macovei ECR. However, during recent years, due to the ongoing migration crisis and influx of unregulated migrants caused by the failure to protect common external borders, the Schengen area experienced serious challenges, including some Member States even changing their legislation. I believe that this is very alarming, and we need to guarantee the free movement of people and services, as this comprises a crucial part of European Union.

Diane James NI. It is the duty of every sovereign nation to keep its borders safe and intact and to ensure the safety of its people. The Schengen agreement has undermined this principle fundamentally, and if I could change a key sentence in the report, it would actually say that the Schengen agreement has been one of the greatest failures of the European Union, not an achievement. The enormous number of migrants who have been able to vanish within the Schengen area has actually led to one of the most significant threats to the European continent, and by reintroducing border controls, certain Member States have been able to fulfil their primary duty to help keep their people safe.

The United Kingdom never signed up to Schengen, and with very good reason, and we will continue to support those countries who assert their right to say who can, and who cannot, cross their borders. Urszula Krupa ECR.

Discussion Projet:Québec/Archive 15 — Wikipédia

The Directive has failed in virtually every sense, so it was absolutely unsupportable. Victims of crime need their rights protected, and this is best done at a Member State level, whereby local considerations are not only understandable but they are also applied. The one-size-fits-all approach taken by the European Union simply does not work, as has been demonstrated most admirably by this report, and there were major failings in the detail.

When that happens, no MEP in this Chamber should have supported such directives or reports. We see strong protectionist tendencies enforced by the United States, insecurity caused by Brexit and growing trade with Asian countries. This means that consistent monitoring and assessment of the policy should become an integral part of the EU trade strategy so that the best trading opportunities can be created. Finally, the trade agreement should always adhere to the European values, ensuring responsible management and value chain, and their implementation and negotiations should become much more transparent.

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In a context where China and the US rearrange the trade order according to their individual agenda, we need to be stronger and more united. The withdrawal of the USA from the international trade and multilateral system is a threat to democracy. We need to create commercial security mechanisms to protect our businesses and industries from such shifts. I appreciate the spirit of this report and the assessment of the achievements that have been made, and I have of course voted in favour. I regret, however, seeing that European companies are not making sufficient use of the benefits available under free-trade areas.

The reason for this is lack of open data and expert support. This is why I support the call to make the implementation of the common commercial policy more transparent, particularly during the negotiation of trade agreements. Monika Panayotova, President-in-Office of the Council. This is an important issue which concerns not only visas and residence permits, but also the broader issue of European citizenship.

The granting of citizenship and long-stay visas by a Member State falls under national competences, and as a consequence, these matters are not governed by EU law. However, the consequences deriving from decisions by one or more EU Member States frequently have an impact on all the others.

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Therefore, I would like to thank you for drawing the attention to this topic. Third-country nationals who benefit from a citizenship or residence-by-investment scheme, commonly referred to…. At the same time, they can also benefit from the Schengen area residence permit and the citizenship of the Member State. Fundamental privileges and rights are attached to the European Union citizenship and residency permits in an EU Member State.

The golden visa programmes matter because they might offer the possibility of misuse or are sometimes perceived as potentially weakening the fight against corruption in the European Union and its neighbouring countries. For this reason, when defining national legislation, each Member State should not only take into account international and Union law but also the essence of EU citizenship and its inherent value.