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Mortido was introduced by Freud 's pupil Paul Federn to cover the psychic energy of the death instinct, something left open by Freud himself: [3] Edoardo Weiss preferred to use destrudo.

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However, Freud himself favoured neither term — mortido or destrudo. This worked against either of them gaining widespread popularity in the psychoanalytic literature.

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Eric Berne, who was a pupil of Federn's, made extensive use of the term mortido in his pre- transactional analysis study, The Mind in Action As he wrote in the Foreword to the third edition of , "the historical events of the last thirty years Berne saw mortido as activating such forces as hate and cruelty, blinding anger and social hostilities; [8] and considered that inwardly directed mortido underlay the phenomena of guilt and self-punishment, as well as their clinical exacerbations in the form of depression or melancholia.

Berne saw sexual acts as gratifying mortido at the same time as libido; and recognised that on occasion the former becomes more important sexually than the latter, as in sadomasochism and destructive emotional relationships.

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Berne's concern with the role of mortido in individuals and groups, social formations and nations, arguably continued throughout all his later writings. Jean Laplanche has explored repeatedly the question of mortido, [12] and of how far a distinctive instinct of destruction can be identified in parallel to the forces of libido.

The importance for the individual of integrating mortido in their life, as opposed to splitting it off and disowning it, has been taken up by figures like Robert Bly in the men's movement. The term has also been applied in contemporary expositions of the Cabbala.

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