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September DAAD Bangladesh We are back again with our steps to studying in Germany!. As an international student, you surely have many questions if you want to study in Germany. What do I have to do and when? We bring to you Step 6 in the process! Have you missed our Info session today then check out some glimpses of the event at the Goethe Institut Dhaka.

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Student advising services at you university in Germany are there to help. Check it out!. Call for postdoctoral positions!.

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  • Viral Marketing Offenbart (German Edition) Max Schulkin, Roland Benn.
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  • The Helmholtz Institute for Metabolic, Obesity and Vascular Research invites applications for postdoctoral fellows in obesity research. Whom you should call? However, there might be situations in which you need help. Check out more about who you should call or contact in which situation. Thank you students for your engagement, making the session today at the Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh so lively!

    Peter Fahrenholtz was also present.

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    Are you willing to pursue Masters in Germany? Registration is mandatory for participation.

    1. The Kansas Home Cook-Book: Consisting of Recipes Contributed by Ladies of Leavenworth and Other Cities and Towns (American Antiquarian Cookbook Collection).
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    3. Viral Marketing Offenbart (German Edition) Max Schulkin, Roland Benn on PopScreen;
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    STIs on the rise in Germany, but testing still hard to come by November Sexually transmitted infections STIs are making a comeback across the country after years of low rates. But unlike in many other countries, most people face obstacles if they want to be tested without showing symptoms. Security Check: Biometrics vs Passwords Traditional passwords are easy to crack because people rarely adhere to password security measures.

    The security of biometric methods depends on the quality of the sensors and the manner in which the data is saved. Walking on two legs - 12 million years ago Researchers at a German university say they've found fossils that challenge how we think about human evolution. The bones found in southern Germany come from a primate that they believe walked upright millions of years earlier than previously thought possible. Differences in personality: What psychiatrists can learn from mice to treat depression Scientists have developed a new way for measuring the personalities of animals.

    So why should we humans care? Because understanding personality traits is key for more individualized therapies in psychiatry. Germany: Health apps to be available on prescription Patients in Germany will be prescribed health apps starting in , the German parliament announced on Thursday. Health insurance firms in Germany will provide digital health services on personal electronic devices. The EU declares war on e-waste To help reduce electronic waste, a new EU law will require manufacturers to ensure their home appliances are easier to repair.

    Environmentalists have hailed it as a milestone. But the new law still has gaps. Exercise for the overweight Along with a balanced diet, exercise is the cornerstone of healthy weight loss. But overweight people often feel uncomfortable in gyms and struggle with motivation. Fitness classes specifically for overweight people are one solution. Quantum computing: Is it really all it's cracked up to be? Quantum computers could change our world. But not in the way you may think. For those working on this complex technology, managing expectations is proving a challenge. Germany: Too many medical procedures are 'unnecessary' A widespread tendency in the health sector to act rather than wait for a more concrete diagnosis means far too many operations are carried out than is actually necessary, a new study has found.

    Germany plans to ban gay 'conversion therapy' A draft law prohibits the therapy for all minors, with violators facing jail time. Health Minister Spahn said the ban sends a message to those struggling with their sexuality: "You're okay just as you are. What was March really like? Back pain, limb pain and headaches: permanent features of life for millions of people.

    Contrary to what has long been popular belief, however, chronic pain is not merely a symptom, but a disease in itself.

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    And it is treatable. Und die ist behandelbar. Juni in Singapur zusammenkommen, dann wird das ein wahrhaft historisches Gipfeltreffen. Dem Gipfel war ein wochenlanges Tauziehen vorausgegangen. The Japanese capital of Tokyo is one of East Asia's most alluring tourist destinations: the city is known for being an artistic centre and entertainment hub, has captivating architecture and is the cleanest and safest metropolitan area in this part of the world. But many people see this thriving metropolis as a testbed for the problems that Europe will soon have to deal with: an ageing society, rigid structures, high levels of burnout, and increasing loneliness in the anonymity of the big city.

    A programme looking at people who want to emigrate to Russia because they are scared by the cultural changes underway in Europe. They see Putin as the saviour of the Western World and are convinced that the next few years will see civil war break out in Europe. It happened in with all Europe dominated by the military genius of Napoleon and his armies, in the remote alpine valleys of Austria one man tries to build up resistance with an army of volunteers.

    This is the unique story of Andreas Hofer, a simple innkeeper from Tyrol, then part of the Habsburg Empire. With brutal guerilla tactics his local militia forces and armed civilians drive back Napoleon's army and reconquer the occupied territories of his homeland. After a year of struggle his Tyrolean peasant army is defeated by reinforced French troops. The rebellion is ended, Hofer executed.

    But what is the real story behind the legend? For the first time this documentary shows the more complex European background to Hofer's story, based on research in French, German and Austrian archives. Secret dramas, survival strategies and strong personalities are revealed among the birds in the idyllic setting of a European garden.

    Through the seasons, songbirds compete for food sources, always on the lookout for their two deadly enemies: the cat lurking on the threshold and the sparrowhawk swooping in from beyond the garden fence, while the Aesculapian snake slithers in to grab any unattended eggs. Robins, wrens, blue tits, blackbirds, swallows, swifts and starlings are the surprising stars of this film, that recasts our view of apparently familiar territory.

    Langenscheidt Vokabeltrainer

    The two inspectors Sandra Mohr and Sascha Bergmann are ordered to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the coach of the Austrian ski team. Soon the corpse of the ski legend is found in the snow. There is no doubt - he was murdered. The man had many enemies. Several suspects are eligible for the deed. Stefan Kruckenhauser revolutionised state training for ski instructors and together with Schneider took this style of skiing and above ski instruction out into the world.