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Genetic Inheritance. Inherited Disorders. Selective Breeding.

Sexual and Asexual Reproduction. Theory of Evolution. Human Impact on the Environment. Farming Techniques. Food Security. Global Warming. Land and Water Pollution.

Sustainable Food Production. Cell Organisation Organ Systems and Disease. Blood Vessels. Cell Organisation. Coronary Heart Disease. Health Issues. Human Digestive System.

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Lifestyle and Cancer. Plant Tissues and Organ Systems. The Brain.

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The Eye. Photosynthesis Respiration and Enzymes.

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Aerobic Respiration. Anaerobic Respiration. Photosynthesis Reaction. Rate of Photosynthesis. Students can know answers to all difficult questions just at one click. With help of these NCERT Solutions, students can easily manage their daily homework assignments and preparations for school tests and annual examination to be conducted in All the solutions have been provided with detailed explanation that will help students easily understand the facts and concepts used. Class 5 students should stick to the NCERT Books to get their concepts clear and strengthen their basics which will help them to be successful not only at primary level of their academic career but in higher classes as well.

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